Geosciences studies office was established in 2017 based on NOC regulations to perform reservoir simulation and basin analysis studies. GSO spent a lot of effort to build up experience, through engaging in partnerships with worldwide leading industry professionals and successfully performing the studies.

GSO team has a cumulative experience in all geoscience activities. Our capabilities have been greatly expanded and enhanced over the last few years to involve a group of experience permanent geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, and reservoir and petroleum engineers with advanced academic and professional qualifications.

GSO activities

  • Formation evaluation, electrofacies, lithofacies and reservoir characterization.
  • Reservoir engineering analysis.
  • Reserve estimates and bookings.
  • Reservoir characterization, reservoir simulation and integrated studies.
  • Basic research aimed at national Interest.
  • Applied studies related to operational problems.
  • Geological and petrophysical evaluation.
  • Basin analysis.

Projects / Studies

  • Seismic stratigraphy interpretation, geological evaluation and prospect generation over the nearby seismic amplitude anomaly area around the Intisar-D field, Zueitina Oil Company.
  • Integrated reservoir simulation study of Rakab Field, Harouge Oil Company.
  • Reservoir simulation study of North Waha Field (5J Area), Waha Oil Company.
  • Reservoir simulation study of Alstiqlal field, Sirte Oil Company.
  • Integrated reservoir simulation study of OO structure, Mellitah Oil Company.